Probability and Pairing problems

With my back wheel firmly in the centre of the roller, my HRM firmly strapped to my chest, I set-off once again, except that it took 20 minutes to pair the devices before I could actually set off.  I haven’t mentioned this problem in previous blogs because I keep thinking that I had solved it by getting the sequence of switching various things on and off in the right order, but alas, no.  Here is the list of things that I have been randomly ordering to understand how to decrease the amount of time taken to pair my phone with the trainer:

  1. Switching the trainer on and off at the mains.
  2. Switching the Bluetooth device on and off in the phone settings.
  3. Switching the blue tooth on and off in the Tacx Training app.
  4. Riding the bike whilst trying to pair the devices.
  5. Logging in and out of the App.
  6. Switching the phone off completely and then turning it back on.
  7. Switching the phone to restart.
  8. Uninstalling the Training App and re-installing it.

So that means there are hundreds of possible different ways you could order things in order to find the one that works (possibly thousands but my understanding of probability is sadly lacking) .  I realize that you wouldn’t attempt 1 followed by 4, unless you signed a Health and Safety disclaimer. I thought about introducing a 9th variable; jumping up and down, followed by sitting on the settee with my head in my hands, rocking backwards and forwards and groaning, because (no word of a lie) that is what I found myself doing at one point.  It didn’t help.

Seriously though, of all the other problems I had over-come I know that this one had the potential to be a deal-breaker. A big part of my motivation to use the Turbo-Trainer was to establish a habit, and habits are hard to establish so anything that involves hassle or stress becomes an easy excuse to stop.  The exercise was taking 30 minutes, and it was taking up to 20 minutes to get a connection, and during those 20 minutes my stress levels were increasing through shear frustration.  Who would choose to do that 3 or 4 times a week?  I wasn’t happy.

Summary of trials, tribulations & delights:

  1. Pairing the device is becoming the number 1 issue to solve, and is starting to cause stress. cross-1-19-x-18cross-1-19-x-18cross-1-19-x-18
  2. Another training session in the bag, with HRM! tick-1-19-x-18

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