Category: Retrospective

A glimpse back in time to my cycling past

Midges, Grace & Wild Camping

This is a story about one of my early adventures, in the days when cycling was a minority interest, when the internet and mobile phones weren’t even distant dreams, fuel was something you put in your car and GPS was when you had more… Continue Reading “Midges, Grace & Wild Camping”

Ladies Triumph Tourer

Back in the days when having  5 gears on your bike was aspirational, I suddenly found myself in possession of a 3-speed Ladies Triumph Tourer.  I was 11 and it took me a year to grow into it, but during that time, I started… Continue Reading “Ladies Triumph Tourer”

Thanks Mum!

…for inspiring me to choose the road less traveled, for trusting me to explore the world on my own, and for lending me your Ladies Triumph Tourer when Mrs Inwood reversed her car over my bike! Who would have guessed it would be the… Continue Reading “Thanks Mum!”