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The Milk Churn Loop

This blog post records a winter ride with the Bella Velo cycle club.  Links to topics in this post include: The Rocks and Rivers. Maps of the ride showing what lies beneath the fields and tarmac (or what a ‘resting Geologist’ gets up to… Continue Reading “The Milk Churn Loop”

Lead us not into temptation

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to stick to your New Years resolutions?  An article I’ve just read on vox.com comes up with some interesting explanations, and also happens to be relevant to my current situation.  The article is about why some people appear… Continue Reading “Lead us not into temptation”

No heart beat, but 11th hour gasp saves patient.

Having had two successful attempts at keeping to a power focused training profile (i.e. keeping the slope to zero and using the bike gears to keep to my watts training profile), I thought it would be fun to carry on keeping the watts profile consistent… Continue Reading “No heart beat, but 11th hour gasp saves patient.”

The Beast Unleashed

On the 24th October the Turbo Trainer arrived and remained in its box for 1 week. On the 31st October I realized that I was going to have to open it. Perhaps my reluctance reflected a sixth sense for the challenges it was about… Continue Reading “The Beast Unleashed”

Ride, Forrest, Ride

“Training Zones, FTP tests, Sweet spots, not to mention what to say when someone asks you whether ‘you’ve left it all on the road’!” I am known for being a bit of a ‘Forrest Gump’ when it comes to cycling; I just ride. I’ve… Continue Reading “Ride, Forrest, Ride”