Could do better!

Decided to explore the river cycle path from Bourg to Aime, and to see if I could find the VTT (mountain bike route) route west of Aime which may be rideable on a road bike, and would take out the need to ride on the dreaded N90.  I spotted the track on a map-board at the side of the cycle path, but didn’t remember it accurately enough, so ended up farting around the back roads of Aime to no avail.  I returned to the map-board and realised my mistake, but couldn’t be bothered to go back and continue the recce.

Later I met Sam the chalet manager (not to be confused with Sam the chalet owner) and moved into the Penthouse above the chalet for 1 night.  Found it a bit spooky all on my own!

Notes to self:

  • Don’t give up with the VTT route!
  • Get your arse into gear!

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