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Alps June 2016 – The back story

In June last year (2015), I found myself at the end of a ‘rolling’ six-month contract (in the Oil industry) which had rolled its last. With no prospect of renewal and, more importantly, no desire to look for more work in the corporate world,… Continue Reading “Alps June 2016 – The back story”

R & R

T’was a day of rest, contemplation and noting down everything before I forgot it.  It felt like everything had lead up to the last ride; The Roselend Epic.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, but also couldn’t help wondering how many more epics there… Continue Reading “R & R”

Last Chance Saloon

I awoke from a terrible nights sleep due to eating a huge portion of pasta the previous evening, and the women in the room upstairs going to the loo at least 3 times.  I couldn’t decide between Col de Madeleine (with a train ride)… Continue Reading “Last Chance Saloon”

A low point

A bit of a low point for me. I don’t know if I was losing patience with the weather, or just using it as an excuse.  It was cold and wet, not pouring rain or freezing cold, just uninspiring.  I knew that my residency… Continue Reading “A low point”

Photo-shoot and a surprise find

Predicting the weather was becoming a real obsession.  We decided that a photo shoot was in order, so set off with Sam, the bike and the dog in the van to find some worthy shots.  The bottom line was that the light was wrong. … Continue Reading “Photo-shoot and a surprise find”

A Gravelly Descent

The plan to do the Roselend Epic (via the ‘closed’ Cormet d’Areches road) with a local cyclist called Ben had cratered. It was raining at 8 am and then again at 9 am and after a bout of email ping-pong we decided against it. … Continue Reading “A Gravelly Descent”

The Southwest passage

Woke to more grey clouds and heavy rain, but predicted to ease after lunch so Sam, Favvie (a large shaggy mountain dog) and I set off to find a route west of Aime which linked the south side of the river with the Notre… Continue Reading “The Southwest passage”

Charvaz Village Loop

I set off late in the afternoon after a car trip to Albertville in the morning (in search of some sunshine). Turned west on the D88 and decided to see if I could find the VTT route that keeps to the south of the… Continue Reading “Charvaz Village Loop”

Chalet duties and rain stops play

Says it all.

More Rain ….

It rained in the morning, it rained in the afternoon and it rained in the evening.

Peisey Nancroix ‘up and back’

I had some chalet duties to do at mid-day so decided on a quick spin up the Peisey Nancroix valley to keep my legs tuned! It was a steady climb from the chalet, 9% at the bottom but mainly 8%, 26kms there and back… Continue Reading “Peisey Nancroix ‘up and back’”

A lazy day

It was a wet start to the day so I decided to start writing up my diary.  In retrospect it would have been better to ride as the day dried up and the sun was shining by the afternoon.  One very pleasant aspect of… Continue Reading “A lazy day”

Ascent of Dome de Vaugelaz

Another beautiful sunny day. Set off without a plan in the Bourg direction and decided to explore above the village of les Chapelles. The Ride.  Arrived at the start of the narrow winding road that I noted a couple of days ago and I’m… Continue Reading “Ascent of Dome de Vaugelaz”

Moving on up!

After nearly a week at my little farmhouse apartment, it was time to move into the chalet, as the ‘Penthouse guests’ had left that morning.  I had got quite used to my farmhouse hideaway. With no Wi-Fi, no telly, good food and lots of… Continue Reading “Moving on up!”

Col de Petit Saint Bernard

Set off in fine weather through Bourg and Seez. 30 kms of 5 & 6% ascent on very wide road with very light traffic.  Unlike any col I have previously ridden in its consistent but relatively easy gradient.  Kept on the big ring (50/32… Continue Reading “Col de Petit Saint Bernard”

Circuit du Villages & Versant du Soleil

I planned to ride a couple of loops that Ben, a local cyclist, had recommended.  The routes incorporated  most of the tarmac ‘balcony’ roads in the valley (a balcony road is one that contours along the side of a valley, at a certain height… Continue Reading “Circuit du Villages & Versant du Soleil”

Les Arc loop

It was a beautiful clear blue sky day, or what Sam the chalet manager called a ‘Bluebird day’. With my bike purring beneath me and my first clear view of the snow-capped mountains, I felt a mixture of excitement tinged with apprehension at not… Continue Reading “Les Arc loop”

Could do better!

Decided to explore the river cycle path from Bourg to Aime, and to see if I could find the VTT (mountain bike route) route west of Aime which may be rideable on a road bike, and would take out the need to ride on… Continue Reading “Could do better!”

Notre Dame du Pre loop

I aimed to recce a loop ride through the village of Notre Dame du Pre that avoided the N90 tunnel. The Ride.  I set out from the chalet towards Aime and took a left hand turn to Longefoy, just after the village of Macot-la-Plagne. … Continue Reading “Notre Dame du Pre loop”

Alps June 2016: Preps and a little ride

Pumped my tyres up and went for a spin to make sure everything worked. Met Sam the chalet owner for lunch and chatted about what was required of me for the next week or so.  It seemed straight forward enough and was definitely on… Continue Reading “Alps June 2016: Preps and a little ride”