Knotted Chains

Today was about bike building, buying food and sussing things out. Bike building involved a knotted chain which tested my zen bike maintenance skills. I was on the verge of splitting it and using my super-link, when I decided to think about it logically instead of getting upset and feeling useless. It worked.

Unlike last time I stayed, there was no minibus into town, so I bought my bike rack and 1 pannier to do the shopping. I decided to go into Bourg along the bike path so that I could make some more adjustments to my bike.  The front derailleur  wasn’t getting the chain onto the big ring.  More fiddleage!  By the end of the path, it was purring along.

My SuperU shopping experience was underwhelming and badly planned.  I wasn’t settled enough to make the right choices and ended up with a basket full unrelated miscellaneous items.  The only thing I did get right was the food for the bike trips, and even then I didn’t find any flap-jack squares! My decision to only bring 1 pannier was also a little on the optimistic side.  A large bottle of beer and a packet of cereal and there was room for little else.  Something was going to have to go!

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