More ‘Googleage’

Through many google searches and forum readings, I established that the Garmin HRM does not work with the Tacx Smart Turbo Trainer, so I ordered a Tacx heart-rate monitor.  My new fitness lab had to have a working HRM if it was to hold its head up!

I also discovered that my Tacx:cloud account contained the data from all of my saved sessions, regardless of whether it sent me an email containing the data, which was great, although I’m not sure I trusted the set-up enough yet to switch the email transfer off.  I downloaded the data and pulled it into an excel spreadsheet with a minimum of fuss.  Despite all my set-backs, my small gains were giving me enough motivation to continue.

Summary of trials, tribulations & delights:

  1. I established that a Garmin HRM doesn’t work with the Turbo Trainer (using my particular set-up), cos it doesn’t have Bluetooth. cross-1-19-x-18
  2. I paid up £42 for another HRM. cross-1-19-x-18
  3. I found all of my saved training sessions on Tacx:cloud. tick-1-19-x-18
  4. I discovered that pulling .tcx files into excel was easy. tick-1-19-x-18

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