Too many beers?

Having enjoyed a few days of indulgence on the food and drink front with my niece Helen, I thought I’d better get on and pump out some Watts.  I stuck rigidly to my Watts profile through the 8 minute warm up and during the 4 minute medium exertion (~150 watts) my legs started to feel like lead and the sweat started dripping off my nose.  As I ramped up the exertion to 200 watts for the 4 minute interval, I found it physically impossible to keep the watts anywhere near 200.  I was shocked at the massive decline in performance over such a short period.  I noted all the factors that could have contributed to this, including the calorific over-indulgence with my niece, room temperate (I had the heating on, unlike the other training periods), and I had eaten very few carbs the previous day.


I picked up my new HRM from Doddle and went to bed, slightly worried about my poor performance.

Summary of trials, tribulations & delights:

  1. I was confused/slightly worried/slightly suspicious of the dramatic reduction in power of my training session. cross-1-19-x-18

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