The Southwest passage

Woke to more grey clouds and heavy rain, but predicted to ease after lunch so Sam, Favvie (a large shaggy mountain dog) and I set off to find a route west of Aime which linked the south side of the river with the Notre Dame du Pre road, therefore avoiding the dreaded N90.  This particular linkage is taking on the same significance as discovering the Northwest passage, except that it was southwest!!  I feel I am getting a bit obsessed with it, but it’s just that the Notre Dame du Pre road is lovely, but like a loose end because you can’t include it in a loop ride without coming back on the N90 and through the tunnel. Nuff said.

We decided to walk as the rain didn’t stop and walking is more pleasant than cycling in the rain (in my opinion), and Favvie isn’t so good on a bike.  We re-traced my steps along the new section of road I had discovered on the Charvaz village loop, but instead of crossing the river, found another track which continued through the forest to a small hamlet called les Esserts.  The track, which was rideable, stopped at the hamlet but, rather tantalisingly, another track (still jeep track but grass rather than gravel) continued on.  We were wet and it was a long way to the Notre Dame du Pre road so we turned back, leaving the southwest passage still uncharted.

(right photograph: inquisitive cows near to the hamlet of les Esserts)

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