Category: Winter Training Diary

Probability and Pairing problems

With my back wheel firmly in the centre of the roller, my HRM firmly strapped to my chest, I set-off once again, except that it took 20 minutes to pair the devices before I could actually set off.  I haven’t mentioned this problem in… Continue Reading “Probability and Pairing problems”

The Trough of Despondency

Time for another training session, and this time with my new Tacx HRM.  The Bluetooth connection worked and as I set-off for training session 6, I was starting to feel more confident in the success of my project.  I kept the watts steady through… Continue Reading “The Trough of Despondency”

Too many beers?

Having enjoyed a few days of indulgence on the food and drink front with my niece Helen, I thought I’d better get on and pump out some Watts.  I stuck rigidly to my Watts profile through the 8 minute warm up and during the… Continue Reading “Too many beers?”

More ‘Googleage’

Through many google searches and forum readings, I established that the Garmin HRM does not work with the Tacx Smart Turbo Trainer, so I ordered a Tacx heart-rate monitor.  My new fitness lab had to have a working HRM if it was to hold… Continue Reading “More ‘Googleage’”

No heart beat, but 11th hour gasp saves patient.

Having had two successful attempts at keeping to a power focused training profile (i.e. keeping the slope to zero and using the bike gears to keep to my watts training profile), I thought it would be fun to carry on keeping the watts profile consistent… Continue Reading “No heart beat, but 11th hour gasp saves patient.”


My new rear cassette arrived and I put it onto my spare wheel and replaced my bikes rear wheel with the spare one.  The whole thing was a faff, partly because I had to deflate my 28 mm tyres to get them through the… Continue Reading “Faffage!”

The end of a (virtual) dream.

Having established that I couldn’t download the Tacx Cylcling App on my laptop/tablet, I thought I should aim big and look in to how to get Zwift or any other of the bigger Virtual Cycling experiences on my Smart telly (I mean who needs… Continue Reading “The end of a (virtual) dream.”

A Speedy Advance

I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the rear cassette to arrive and decided to use the trainer with my existing back-wheel. I successfully attached the bike to the trainer, and after about 10 minutes managed to pair my phone with the device.  I… Continue Reading “A Speedy Advance”

The Beast Unleashed

On the 24th October the Turbo Trainer arrived and remained in its box for 1 week. On the 31st October I realized that I was going to have to open it. Perhaps my reluctance reflected a sixth sense for the challenges it was about… Continue Reading “The Beast Unleashed”