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…….here comes the sun!

  Barcelona!   Beautiful trails through pine clad hills, gravel tracks up dry river beds, classic road-bike climbs ….. gambas al ajillo, Rioja.  I will definitely be back for more!  This blog describes my winter escape to seek out some Mediterranean sunshine and to discover… Continue Reading “…….here comes the sun!”

Maps, maps and more maps ….

  This is what happens when a bicycling Geologist is ‘put out to grass’, and the days are short, cold and uninviting to all but the hardiest of cyclists.  The Geological cross-section is based on the first half of the Milk Churn Loop from… Continue Reading “Maps, maps and more maps ….”

The Milk Churn Loop

This blog post records a winter ride with the Bella Velo cycle club.  Links to topics in this post include: The Rocks and Rivers. Maps of the ride showing what lies beneath the fields and tarmac (or what a ‘resting Geologist’ gets up to… Continue Reading “The Milk Churn Loop”

Adventure Road-Biking

What is Adventure Road-Biking? It’s a mind-set.  You can be an adventure road-biker on any kind of road bike, although you may wish to consider the wisdom of using your top of the range Pinarello (should you be lucky enough to own one)!  It… Continue Reading “Adventure Road-Biking”

Lead us not into temptation

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to stick to your New Years resolutions?  An article I’ve just read on comes up with some interesting explanations, and also happens to be relevant to my current situation.  The article is about why some people appear… Continue Reading “Lead us not into temptation”

Dartford – my nemesis

Inspired by my last Southeast London ride, which ended in Dartford, I decided to put together a ‘loop’ ride which incorporated the suburbs of Southeast London, followed by a trip down the Darent valley to Dartford, returning back along the already reccied Thames path.… Continue Reading “Dartford – my nemesis”

Ride, Forrest, Ride

“Training Zones, FTP tests, Sweet spots, not to mention what to say when someone asks you whether ‘you’ve left it all on the road’!” I am known for being a bit of a ‘Forrest Gump’ when it comes to cycling; I just ride. I’ve… Continue Reading “Ride, Forrest, Ride”

Alps June 2016 – The back story

In June last year (2015), I found myself at the end of a ‘rolling’ six-month contract (in the Oil industry) which had rolled its last. With no prospect of renewal and, more importantly, no desire to look for more work in the corporate world,… Continue Reading “Alps June 2016 – The back story”

An unfortunate turn of events.

The mission for the day was to temporarily relocate to a house further up the valley, as the chalet I was staying in was booked out for a couple of nights. My new residence happened to be the home of the chalet owner, who was… Continue Reading “An unfortunate turn of events.”

Col du Petit St Bernard II or a ride ‘gastronomique’?

Improving on my last ascent of this col shouldn’t be too hard, as on my previous trip I found the road ascent a bit dull, and then got chased off the mountain by the rain and cold, so surely room for improvement?  I decided… Continue Reading “Col du Petit St Bernard II or a ride ‘gastronomique’?”

‘Doom’ du Vaugelaz II

I planned to extend Dome de Vaugelaz I, which was one of my favourite rides in June.  So why try to improve it?  Dunno!  I just thought that perhaps it wasn’t quite long enough, so I added an additional loop to the beginning and… Continue Reading “‘Doom’ du Vaugelaz II”

Ghostly ski resorts & off-road bliss

The plan was to ride along the valley to Villaroger and then try the un-surfaced road up to Les Arc 2000, keeping high above Les Arc 1600 & 1800 and linking with Peisey Nancroix ride that I did last trip.  A higher than average… Continue Reading “Ghostly ski resorts & off-road bliss”

Peisey Nancroix Bike and Hike

The Plan was cycle up the Peisy Nancroix valley, lock the bike at the end of the road and continue on foot up to Lac de la Plagne and a Refuge called Entre le Lac. It was 40 km in total, a 24 km… Continue Reading “Peisey Nancroix Bike and Hike”

Knotted Chains

Today was about bike building, buying food and sussing things out. Bike building involved a knotted chain which tested my zen bike maintenance skills. I was on the verge of splitting it and using my super-link, when I decided to think about it logically… Continue Reading “Knotted Chains”

South London to Landry

The Plan was to get from South London to Landry, a small village close to Bourg Saint Maurice in the French Rhone Alps.  It involved many stages and means of transport, but the bit that stressed me out the most was going through central… Continue Reading “South London to Landry”

Alps Autumn 2016

With my first alpine trip becoming a distant memory,  I decided another trip was in order and much to my delight, the chalet extended my ‘residency’ to another three week trip. This time I built on my local knowledge and didn’t waste time disappearing… Continue Reading “Alps Autumn 2016”

To Dartford (and not beyond)

After the surprise delight of my first trip ‘up east’, I decided to extend my route beyond Woolwich, with the original plan of getting to East Tilbury, via the Tilbury Ferry from Gravesend.  I was becoming increasingly aware of the disappearing summer, with every… Continue Reading “To Dartford (and not beyond)”

Going ‘Up East’

I think I’m at the start of a love affair.  I decided to ride to a friend’s house in Wanstead a few weeks ago and planned a route that was as traffic-free as possible.  It took me through parts of London that I had… Continue Reading “Going ‘Up East’”

R & R

T’was a day of rest, contemplation and noting down everything before I forgot it.  It felt like everything had lead up to the last ride; The Roselend Epic.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, but also couldn’t help wondering how many more epics there… Continue Reading “R & R”

Last Chance Saloon

I awoke from a terrible nights sleep due to eating a huge portion of pasta the previous evening, and the women in the room upstairs going to the loo at least 3 times.  I couldn’t decide between Col de Madeleine (with a train ride)… Continue Reading “Last Chance Saloon”